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Audio Attunements are artful tools to experience the power of the pause, settle the mind, and relax in a few minutes flat.   Each production mixes music with poetry or a guided journey to give mind a place to focus so you can attune to the calm center of your being that is always present like the sun. Attunements take you through the overcast of mental stress to the warm rays of your inner paradise.

       Attune to Love  :  PLAYLIST 1       

Experience your True Nature, your well-spring of peace, with  audio attunements--one for every day of the week. They are alluring, entertaining, and practical gems that help you bridge the divide between your heart and mind. The 7 titles shown on this page are included in this Playlist.

Attuned to Love   (sample)

With light piano and other nature sounds, this gentle poem and call of Mockingbird helps you relax and sink into the calm field of your True Nature.  (2:11)


Liquid Silence Listening   (sample)

"Fluid, abundant, electric sensation... " this poem, mixed with synth organ and mystical voices, guides you into the next dimension through the gateway of your heart.  (2:47)


Intrepid Creator 

This piece dares your undaunted Self to travel to places the mind cannot grasp. Experience mystical and exotic realms into the Golden Spiral with this unexepected message and musical vibe.  (3:05)


Spiritual Emergent  

This piece integrates 2 instrumental songs to capture the emotion and intrigue of the poem's message that honors your journey as a courageous Spiritual Emergent.  (2:48)


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Soar with weightless Presence through this soulful poem and haunting piano melody that, together, lead you to “a placeless place of infinite space, the All in the smallest thing you can trace.”.  (3:06)


Return to Your Majesty 

Inspired by Wayne Dyer’s visit to Korrine after his transition, she recounts their loving exchange in this magical journey so that all who listen may receive the radiant, unconditional Love he emanated as a reminder of the Majesty that lives within All.  (6:25)


Windswept  (sample)

Inspired by a magical visit to Palomar Mountain, this poem and accompanying music sweeps the debris that keeps you distanced from doing and being all that you heartfully desire.  (1:07)


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