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Spiritual Awakening is an experience of expansion—breaking out of a perception of being limited, being trapped by external conditions, and feeling separate from Love. With awakening, we see that we are Divinity "being" human.  That seeing brings a new level of richness to life. It tends to "undo" limiting beliefs that sabotage our journey toward well-being.

This “undoing” can impact relationships, career path, health, etc. Such changes may feel blissful, or they may feel upsetting if we resist the benevolent flames that arise to burn away our constraints. The question we all face at some point is, "Am I willing to allow the fires of Love to have me?"


When we say yes, we rise from the ashes of our unconscious personalities that judge and create suffering.

With awakening, we feel called to dissolve old painful patterns so that we may move freely and joyfully in tune with the call of our Soul.

As we awaken and attune to Love, we recognize the power of loving ourselves and each other without specifications for how we must earn it. 

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