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I would be remiss not mentioning the role of nature in my life, specifically my relationship with birds. They have been my trusted allies—avian warriors who work together with God’s guidance to help me get clear and/or to confirm a direction. On the final days preparing to hit the "submit" button for a new vision shared, several Towhee came center stage. The rest of the bird families pulled back. This is significant because...


Towhee are revered throughout many cultures and faiths. 


Historically in the Christian faith, they have symbolized joy and hope with eyes representing God’s protection and a song of joy, trusting God with unwavering devotion.


Cherokee saw them as messengers of Mother Earth. Shawnee felt they signaled good fortune in battle. Hopi saw them as a gift of song and symbol of friendship, joy, and endurance in hard times. Regions of Africa: messengers of divine communication—a bridge between humans and the spiritual realm, offering guidance, providing hope, reminding that help is near.

Towhee’s arrival is spot-on, considering the vision and mission I am shown.  One that is rooted in devotion to God to spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically serve the world, expressing messages of Love, joy, hope, and guidance as divine communicators.


And, just as I was ready to mash the “submit,” button, female Cardinal was chirping magnificently outside my window. 


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