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In the awakening process, we are called to notice our feelings, words and actions. Doing so gives space to them. With that space, it is easier to relax and attune to a higher perspective that reveals our fears, doubts, and judgments as unconscious self-talk of the personality—not the essence of our True Nature. The more we attune to our Essence, the less "taken over" we feel by a mind that exercises generous opposition to LOVE, speaking unkind things in the head.


The ground of our being is joy and ease, so doing anything inwardly and outwardly that feels uptight is a movement of resistance to Love.  When we notice feeling tense, that’s a good start. Noticing leads to the next step—softening or relaxing into ease, like slipping into a warm bath.


A big challenge for many of us is feeling at ease in relationships that are challenging. At work or home, people get tired, impatient, and stressed. Life is messy and the frustrations with it get expressed. How many of us were taught to kindly step back with wise compassion—to give another some space and ourselves a healthy boundary? 


The response we typically see in our world is one of aggression or passive aggression. The unconscious personality forgets that feeling an emotion without reacting is an option. The mind that is unaware of its Benevolent Nature doesn't know that offering a silent blessing of peace dissolves stress within and all around.


The challenge is choosing to offer blessings of unconditional Love if our emotions get triggered. When fear, anger or grief come on strong, embodying wise compassion can feel nearly impossible. Conscious conversations with Korrine, addressing such challenges on the level of soul, opens a window of wisdom and ease to be experienced. 

Letting Love Love, by Korrine Holt

Print of this piece available here.

Living from the heart is not something most of us were taught in a world that primarily focuses on mental achievement. Together we can do both, honor our intellectual goals and respond to life with Love leading the way. To have mind faithfully follow the leadership of Love, is to align with the call of Soul as a sovereign, radiant being.

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