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"I will not be denied!" Let this be our battle cry

to unlevel all limitations that diminish our lives.

I look to the Sun to remember the origin

of my right to be Whole without limitation.


The Voice that comes through fills my well

and the tears that swell clear the debris

from my cells that hold the key to my Freedom.


“Let this be done!” I command it put right.

I am fervent to see Life from the other side of me.

I want this more than anything.

To forge through the wall of “can’t”

that I’ve believe an everlasting barrier.


With the Voice that comes through,

I discover what’s True,

I’ve been the carrier of false illusions, and so have you.

Together we have argued for our limitations

and believed oppression without hesitation.


And it’s time to break through these walls of “can’t”

planted by our wounds and dark institutions.

And though it is a hard admission

we must see ourselves not as victims.


When we realize the depth of colossal deceptions

we cannot allow the revelations to stop us.

We have done that enough, and now we must trust

ourselves to rise above all levels of hell

that have kept us separate from Love.


The questions comes, where do we begin

or start to put an end to the divisions

that surround our hearts and minds?


We have believed unkind thoughts

that keep us closed off from AllThatIs good

and abundant in every way.


Everyday we find reasons to stay the same

and not stretch beyond our frustration and anger,

holding bitterness and resentment that is relentless

to sustain our low.


Even though we have justifiable reasons

to feel what we do,

it is the right time and season

to break loose and decide

to come unglued to all that

keeps us divided from Truth.


We are creations of Love, meant to thrive.


Let us dissolve all remaining blinders

with this daily reminder…


I am a creation of Love, an Almighty Force,

and from this day forth I will decide

to take down all boundaries of my heart and mind.

We deserve Love and Abundance, you and I,

We will not be denied!


~ Korrine Holt


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