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How do we heal a world

with wounds open wide

by atrocities beyond comprehension

and people war-torn by division?


How do we heal humanity

programmed with precision

by a global network disseminating lies

hiding evil, corruption, and genocide?


How do we heal our voices

after centuries of manipulation

where suppression has reigned

censoring truth in every way?


How do we heal communities

and cross the great divide

of manipulated thoughts and beliefs

false narratives told for centuries?


How do we heal our anger and sorrow

come to terms with all we’ve learned

of horrific crimes against humanity

that weakened the fabric of Earth’s family?




We make a UNITED choice now, that’s how.

To depart from dark social engineering

STOP believing what they wanted us to believe

and START seeing what they didn’t want us to see.


STOP believing that differences are a threat.

START remembering what they wanted us to forget.

That, in fact, we’re more alike than different

with a body and mind and a vital spirit.


This is the way we heal together.

Do the OPPOSITE of what they wanted.

See we are united in horror and sorrow

and hunger for peace in every tomorrow.


Let us do this together.

Rebuild every bridge they destroyed in our midst.

Look for the good in each and every one.

This is the way our divide is overcome.


Side-by-side, let us restitch the fabric of humanity,

make every seam stronger than ever before

so evil can never reconstruct its dark kingdom,

and forever we will reign in Love and Freedom.


~ Korrine Holt


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