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Korrine's clients have ranged from children to seniors, from soccer moms to CEO’s and executive teams.  She has helped people struggling with:  deep trauma, depression, anxiety, relational conflict, communication and productivity breakdown, confusion with purpose, grief, physical illness, depression, anger, marital unrest, and parental challenges.  


With all variations of challenges, imbalances, and pains, there is one fundamental shift that offers relief, regardless of context. This shift is a simple movement, easy as floating, standing under a waterfall or sinking into a warm bath. Yet, the mind misses or ignores this opportunity because it is caught up in complexities.


Stress is living in the entanglement of emotions and thoughts that are painful. They seem to keep us separate from the fluid benevolent Force that lives in every one of our 70 trillion cells. Most of us were not taught how to consciously access the Infinite Intelligence that is inherent to our being.


Korrine’s role is to meet you where you are and help you find your unique journey, remembering the most fundamental power of our existence. This is a deep immersion into your core essence, which is Perfection covered by temporary layers of distorted perceptions.


Working with Korrine, you learn how to peel away such layers if you’re ready to do so. This is part of the Art of Well-Being. In so doing, you begin to experience attuning to L.O.V.E, the Limitless Organizing Vital Essence living within and without. This fosters the strength, courage, and energy you desire to resolve physical or emotional hardships, and live the Joy of Well-Doing.

Acrylic painting and poem titled, I Am Moved by Korrine Holt, artist, poet, and Spiritual Teacher
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