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I have participated in relatively few interviews because 97% of the time, I’ve worked with people or developments that are private. There was not a driving purpose for being public, nor have I aspired to seek attention, so I have done very little on social media, either. 


That said, I have watched countless interviews over the years—and so few interviewers, IMHO, are masterful. I’ve thought, “I should be doing interviews,” but work, until now, did not align with it. 


Pet peeves of interviewers: repetitive interrupting!! (Insert head-explode emoji), rambling-unclear questions, interjecting too much of self, lack of depth of questions, following pre-scripted questions rather than following the natural conscious flow of the conversation. That leads to missed opportunities to ask the obvious next question viewers are itching to know, based on what the interviewee JUST SAID. 

(Hands to head emoji). Just a little passion here. 


My entire career has centered around asking deep and thoughtful questions, clearly, with the fewest number of words. Coaching/teaching communication strategies has been a big part of my work that I especially enjoy.


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