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Gleaned from personal hardships and professional achievements, Korrine shares invaluable insights and knowledge with clients who want to be healthy and well in every way. Having navigated through weight issues, eating disorder, depression, divorce, single-parenting, blended family challenges, financial strains, and more, she knows the gravity of despair and how to get to the other side—being in harmony with life. 


Korrine’s career path has included being an artist, a certified life, health and executive coach, energy healing practitioner, curriculum developer, and has led hundreds of workshops for conscious leadership, creatorship, and well-being.


​A significant part of vibrant well-being is being creative. Every person has creative genius, even if they don't recognize it. Korrine helps people discover it or unblock it (individually or in groups), which energizes them in ways they often haven't considered. Poetry included in her book, Poetic Ascension, offers readers a bridge to connect to the richest part of their Creatorship.

Taking a pause from travelling and leading workshops in the last half of 2018, she is thrilled to announce the opening of the Vibrology Center in Alpharetta, GA this past March of 2019.


Adding vibroacoustic healing technology is an ideal complement to her practice that has blended Life Coaching and Energy Medicine for nearly 15 years. The Harmonic Egg is a magnificent 360-degree sound and light therapy chamber, which is the only one on the East Coast at this time. The results of this technology, helping people with deep challenges can be seen here.

Background Nuts & Bolts

  • BFA in Graphic Design 

  • Educational Text Book Designer

  • Creative Director, Artist and Writer 

  • Certified Life, Health & Executive Coach

  • Certified Energy Healing Practitioner 

  • Created Coaching Divisions for two organizations, corporate and non-profit

  • Created Coaching Curriculum for Leadership training in the financial industry

  • Created Coaching Curriculum for At-Risk Teens-- foster, homeless, and high poverty

  • Created Coaching Curriculum for At-Risk College Students, adopted by colleges in GA

  • Developed and piloted new programs, leading hundreds of workshops, classes, etc.

  • Produced and created the art & poetry for the book, Poetic Ascension 

  • Led workshops throughout the county in 2018 to attune to one's creative genius

  • Opened the Vibrology Center, March 2019

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