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People often relate purpose to their career choice and work diligently to weave their passions, talents, and strengths into their professions. This is a beautiful thing and may be the perfect set-up for many of us.  For others, the intertwining of passions and career may not seem terribly important to one's sense of Purpose. 


Regardless of our nuanced differences in LP definitions, there is a common thread arising. I see people shift from a perspective that focuses on the “me” to one that includes concern for “we” in equal measure. There is a hunger to experience more joy and fulfillment, expanding one’s unique gifts and having those benefit the lives of others.

If the day-job does not seem to provide such an opportunity, we are well-served to find other outlets to fulfill that desire. More still, expanding one’s definition of purpose beyond an exclusive priority of “doing” can be life changing. Embracing the power of “being” and the influence it has on our relationships, health, and circumstances, we see, more and more, how it is an integral thread in our Life Purpose tapestry.

There are many factors to consider while contemplating one's Life Purpose; still, the most important thing is remembering that our purpose is right here, right now. May we remember that being heart-fully present, wherever we are, strengthens the pulse of the purpose we're meant to live.

Korrine Holt is an artist, messenger, and Spiritual Teacher, for those on the spiritual path of awakening, fervent to honor the call of their Soul. Combining the Art of Well-Being and Joy of Well-Doing, people open to new layers of consciousness, to the magic of being human—experiencing one’s True Nature while living the physical expression of it. We look forward to hearing from you with questions or comments through this page.

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