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It has been a pattern in my life that God places me in the “empty” space to give rise to an intention—a new creation. Between 2005 & 2014, I built two coaching divisions in two industries of which I had no previous knowledge or experience. Curriculums for three industries: one for corporate leaders, one for leaders in policing industry, and one for at-risk, inner city teens and college students—high poverty and foster youth.


With each, I found myself questioning, “Dear God, how am I gonna do this?” I experienced many nights stressed, concerned I would fail stupendously. These were high pressure situations where the investments and expectations were high. Each environment God put me in had greater challenges—situations where I was nothing like the audience I was leading, coaching and/or teaching. They had rebellion, judgments, and doubt about giving me the time of day. Tough audiences—not going to sugarcoat.


One leadership group coaching (in-person) was particularly challenging. They wouldn't even face me at the 9am start time. I had to get very creative considering our time together was scheduled to last until 3pm. Long story, but I can say it turned out a phenomenal day and concluded on a very high note.


With the Grace of God and my willingness to walk through the fire and keep moving my feet, we did it. We accomplished what God wanted.


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