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Poetry with Benefits, Videos & Enhanced E-Book

In response to ongoing stresses that weigh on many of us, Korrine and Travis have created Poetry with Benefits—a healing art-form to help relieve suffering and inspire upliftment.


These productions integrate Korrine’s original poetry with art, photography, music, and video, creating works that promote vibrational resonance with wholeness or unity consciousness. In essence, they utilize multi-layers of artistry (beauty, color, sound, nature, movement, and verse) to activate emotional well-being and help one attune to Love.


When you allow yourself to meld into the feeling of these poems, giving space and presence to the words, music, and imagery, you step through an opening of your heart center into the mystery of Love’s infinite wisdom and grace.


Coming Fall of 2017 is an enhanced e-book with 40+ poems accompanied by Korrine’s art and photography. The book will include several Poetry with Benefits productions.

The works capture poignant experiences on the journey of awakening and ascension. Verses are heartful invitations to remember your magnificence as a being of Infinite Intelligence, serving life with creativity and radiance.

Attuned to Love

Authentically open to this moment,

you understand the simple play of life

that requires no labels of bad or good.

Untouched by concepts of what “should” be,

you experience weightless truth of “Free”

where mind is quiet, not overstating its role,

there is space to hear the call of Soul.

Not only to hear, but experience with

your whole being, you notice a pristine

quality in everything.

Seeing All crafted by Infinite Intelligence

the urge to judge the presence of anything



and all that is felt is ease—

unforced acceptance of what is seen.

In the silence of morning rising,

a melody of resounding joy

is sung by Mockingbird,

strikingly bold without apology,

rapid-fire tunes of every variety.

She is True—true to the moment

true to her being. Attuned to Love,

she teaches what she sings,

an offering to all

who are consciously listening.

~ Korrine Holt

As we collaborate, sharing our gifts, loves, and passions, we treat each other and our world with care and dignity.  May we all be tuned to our highest calling, find our raw courage and do what we came here to do. This is the way of magic and miracles. Inspiration is fuel for living well and doing good.

It is our joy and privilege to plant seeds of contemplation through the arts, opening the heart center with the potent energies of music, art, photography, video, and poetry. Woven together, they call you back to the purity, innocence, and Infinite Intelligence living within every cell of your being. 

©2017. All rights reserved.


If you'd like to share this poem with others, that would be grand. And, please do so with the following attribution.



Poem by Korrine Holt

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