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Dear Dr. Mercola and Team,

Thank you for asking customers for feedback! I am a raving fan and Premier Plus customer with an extensive creative background and passion for natural health. So here we go... (BTW, this page is hidden and only you have the link.)

Welcoming good fat as my friend for many years, I enjoy the healthful benefits you mention in your related articles, so this layout grew out of my personal experience with the book’s focus. I look forward to learning new things from the upcoming book that I have no-doubt missed.


Clean fuel from my experience feels uplifting and energizing, so there’s a sense of being fueled-up for many hours without sugar shakes and the inevitable crash that follows dirty fuel intake. Also, health-minded people want to be lean, so it seems fitting to give it partner-status with the “clean” reference. Lean & Clean, along with Fuel-Up-Diet, packs a little more memorable punch, in my opinion.


Researching titles on Amazon, I noticed quite a few books titled as the “Un-diet.” Okay, fine. The “Up-Diet,” as in the Fuel-Up-Diet, feels more inspiring.

The images in the comp are simply placeholders to convey the overall look and feel and how it could illustrate the title. Images would need to be re-created; for instance, I think it would be a plus to show both male and female forms.

If you'd like to chat about this further, I'd truly welcome that.

mobile:  470-985-7190


So grateful for all that Team Mercola does to help people make informed and holistic choices for optimum health. It's a huge mission… I send good vibes of appreciation and wishes for your well-being often.



  • University of Illinois graduate in Graphic Design 

  • Educational Text Book Designer

  • Creative Director, Artist and Writer for 25+ years

  • Certified Life and Executive Coach for 12 years

  • Completed year-long program specifically for Health Coaching

  • Started Coaching Divisions for 2 organizations

  • Created Coaching Curriculum for Leadership training in the financial industry

  • Created Coaching Curriculum for At-Risk Teens-- orphans, homeless, impoverished

  • Created Coaching Curriculum for At-Risk College Students, adopted by colleges and Universities in Georgia.

  • Piloted new programs and have led hundreds of workshops, classes, etc.

  • Coach people on the path of their Life Purpose

All My Best,


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