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L.O.V.E Matrix

While writing a poem, an unexpected description of L.O.V.E came to me, representing a different layer of meaning I had not seen before. I saw L.O.V.E. standing for Limitless Organizing Vital Essence. The Matrix of All, if you will. This isn’t something that easily rolls off the tongue, for sure, but what it says feels curiously true.

It invites us to expand our understanding of Love through experiences of daily life and beyond. The “beyond” part is what can trip up the mind part—the one that wants to measure, count, and find proof of things. Is it possible to prove love? Not to be confused with proving one can show affection. Authentically feeling any version of love is not something you can prove. You just know it, and that’s more than enough.

The heart never needs proof; it is the gateway to Knowing. It is the channel to which you can attune and experience the Source of All—feel the creative powers of it, the openness, the acceptance, the peace, and the vast potentials in the space that feels empty and full simultaneously.

If you’re thinking that sounds too “out there,” let’s bring it back to ground level. During quiet moments when you tap in and feel the Love Matrix, it ripples through your being, your emotions, responses, and view of life. Experiencing Love through your heart can impact you in ways no one can predict. Maybe a health concern makes a turn for the best, an answer to a problem comes to you easily, a challenging relationship begins to soften and relax.

Form follows energy. When the energy of Love is welcomed into your life and allowed to radiate through you, things change for the better. Even if a difficult situation doesn’t transform immediately, your perspective of it can, which can dissolve the stress created by your former view.

What a different world it will be when stress loads are healed by tuning into Grace, one of the countless qualities of Limitless Organizing Vital Essence, also known at LOVE.

May we attune to the Infinite One we are in perfect unity, now and always.

Much Love ~ Korrine

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