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Out of the Fog of Depression

Dear Ones who struggle with doubt or aspects of depression,

I am drawn to share with you today as one who has suffered the disconcerting fog of self-doubt and depression. I know the depth and despair of it. I do. Dare I admit having felt envy for those who have passed on thinking, “How fortunate for them; they are free.” Such was one of the kinder thoughts. Far worse was the ongoing monologue of self-condemnation and dismissal of any valuable reason for my life.

People are often surprised, if not skeptical, when I share this history. It’s hard for them to imagine the person they see today as being the purveyor of such dark thoughts and emotions. I consider this a testament to the limitless power of self-healing that lives within us all.

If I’m working with you on the road to well-being, you feel how intimately I know depression and its potential to extinguish one’s hope for life beyond it. To varying degrees, I wrestled with this for over twenty years. Finding my way out, I am well-prepared to serve as a guide to help others find their way, too. Neither therapy nor medication were aspects of my healing model; however, if they are parts of yours, that’s perfectly fine. What I offer complements whatever structures you’re currently using.

A common response to depression is qualifying it as justified or unjustified. If you’ve been abused, you tend to feel justified in feeling depressed. If you were not physically abused, you may judge yourself with statements like, “I have no right to be depressed. Others have had it far worse than me.” Depression is depression. Feeling justified or unjustified does nothing to resolve it. And, trying to talk yourself out of depression with logical reasons why you should feel better only makes things worse.

To be clear, if you feel badly, you have valid reasons. Minimizing what has happened to you lacks compassion and fosters judgment, both of which undercut your natural healing process. The first positive step is authentically acknowledging hardships in a way that is healing rather than inflammatory. One way leads to resolution and well-being, the other inflames feelings of limitation and victimhood. I help guide you on the path of well-being.

If you’re like me, you’ve likely tried a lot of things to overcome self-doubt and/or depression. All explorations serve a purpose. Finding what doesn’t work can lead you to discovering what does. The key is being open to try things and pay close attention to what follows? Do you feel better and is that improvement sustained over time? Some things I tried offered a temporary lift but did not have the depth needed to resolve my imbalance.

It’s important to know that there are countless ways out of the fog of depression. I offer tools and guidance to help you understand the fundamentals of healing emotional and physical imbalances at the core. I provide exercises that work when they are applied consistently. Once you have a handle on how these work, you can massage and make them your own. There is so much here for you if you’re ready to commit to the journey. I hope you will. You are so worth it

If you’d like to know more, share your details and questions through the contact page. I’ll follow up in short order, and we’ll likely chat by phone for at least 10-15 minutes to see if we’re a good fit for working together. Whatever you share with me, through email or by phone, is 100% confidential.

May we attune to the Infinite One we are in perfect unity, now and always.

Much Love ~ Korrine

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