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Deep Listening: The Pulse of Well-Being

One of the most basic human needs is to be heard. When we're not given the space to share and be heard, a variety of stressful things often follow. Relationships tend to feel more difficult, our outlook may become bleak, and stress levels often increase. Such things lead to suffering, emotionally and/or physically.

When we don't feel heard, we might think something like, "My ideas don't matter," or, "You think my ideas are naive." We can take this further believing, "Since you don't listen to me, I don't matter," or, "My life is irrelevant because people don't care what I have to say."

Our inner dialogue is some version of this when we're angry, hurt, sad, depressed, etc. Notice how painful feelings can be traced to a hurtful thought...something unloving based on outer experiences such as someone not deeply listening to us.

It's so important to remember, just because we think something, that doesn't mean it's true.

Looking at hurtful self-talk, we can find holes in its validity. If you give one stressful thought deeper investigation, you will likely find 3 or more examples of where the thought is not true. "My ideas are irrelevant." Really? How many times can you remember your ideas being spot-on? We can find the lie in every unloving thing said. The question to ask, "Will I listen to myself in the way I want others to listen?"

Our well-being is served when we take time to really soak in this question...

"Am I committed to listening to myself at the deepest level—beyond mental expectations?"

We suffer when mind leads the day with demands laced in "should." When mind leads, it ignores Love and all of the qualities that go with it. Graces seems out of reach as we're ready to give someone a piece of our mind for falling short of expectations. Compassion seems weak to the mind that criticizes with layers of justifications.

It's impossible to create lasting well-being with the same process that stirs distress. We suffer because of what we think and say, which comes from our mental assessments. The mind that evokes stress isn't the resource to resolve it. This fact points us to the Source of well-being, and that is Creation | Pure Presence | God-Consciousness | Love. Feel free to choose whatever name feels good.

For centuries humanity has looked for empowerment in all the wrong places. Somehow, we got radically off course, fighting in every direction to try and fill what is already complete. The result has been suffering because we forgot. We lost sight of knowing All that matters is pulsing through us. When we attune to the "All," we are guided by wisdom that supports are daily lives and practical needs.

Attuning is synonymous with deep listening, which said poetically is merging one's body and mind into the infinite sea of Pure Presence. In so doing, suffering falls away, and we walk in the world consciously. We're able to notice when we get out of sync with our True Nature, experiencing the painful consequence of believing we are something other than Love powering this physical experience.

Deeply listening, we are energized by compassion, peace, and grace. Our desires are fueled by the power of vital Life speaking through ever cell. Now all that is left to do, is listen, learn, and flow with the movement of Creation.

What does your life want to express in a way that makes you feel alive, vibrant, full of light and authentic power?

May this post, poetry, art and related video (Liquid Silence Listening) contribute to the flow of our collective well-being. May we all remember what previous generations forgot—we are whole and complete beings, pulsing with the Radiance of creation. As we allow It to lead our endeavors, thoughts, actions and interactions, we replace war with well-being.

May we attune to the Infinite One we are in perfect unity, now and always.

Much Love ~ Korrine

(Painting and Poem are below)

Liquid Silence Listening

Resting in the center of sacred quietude,

feel Love speaking to every cell

beckoning you to surrender and open wider until

all internal barriers dissolve with no trace,

signaling your willingness to receive Love’s embrace.

Immersed in the intimate stream of One,

you are drawn to Grace, to share, and converse

though silence alone appears empty at first;

but, in truth there is Infinity to discern.

It welcomes you to listen and learn.

Honoring your innocent curiosity,

you wonder what matters to ask or say—

maybe nothing today, or tomorrow, or the next.

This is something you come to accept

because the magic isn't what is said with words

but the feeling felt prior to what is heard

silently... from Love's universe.

Float in and merge with this movement of creation

fluid, abundant, electric sensation.

Streaming through the center of your sacred heart

with nowhere to end or place to start.

Everything is now every moment you allow

Grace to flow in and spiral throughout

your thoughts, feelings, and physical being.

Celebrate the wonder of sacred healing.

Yes.... yes...

With your protective walls laid to rest,

you’re no longer bound by appearances

you and I and all are free

to invite liquid Silence to shower us clean

and see with pure eyes what wants to be seen

through the heartful ear of Infinite listening.

~ Korrine Holt

If you would like to share this poem with others, please do so with the following attribution.


Poem by Korrine Holt

A print of this painting is available HERE

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