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The Bell of Clarity

Time and again, life shows evidence of well-being and Clarity going hand-in-hand. I'm not referring to the version of clarity as in, "Oh yeah, now I remember that actor's name." That's nice, but not that. I'm referring to moments when the uptight mind lets go, and you clearly feel that all is well in spite of stressful conditions that may surround you. Somehow, someway, you feel the essence of your True Nature that is unfettered by anything as it animates your life. "How did this feeling of total peace happen?" the mind wonders later.

Maybe in the moment of a yawn, deep sigh, or strong exhale you hear the wisdom of your Soul that perpetually rings, though it may seem otherwise. Inexplicably, this time you hear it cut through the noise of the day or mind chatter, and you experience Clarity. (I give it a cap "C" because it's the kind of experience that is so pronounced, it deserves the treatment of a proper noun.) For no good reason, you feel peace even though none of your circumstances have changed. For a few seconds, or many, you feel the mind stop fighting with life, complaining, or finding fault in things.

For a few glorious seconds, your thoughts and beliefs seem as significant as a house fly buzzing past, and things that had you in a knot are okay. They are not a problem. The cravings you’ve know them—the things you lean on to fill the void—they feel unnecessary because you experience your being as whole and complete without props or kudos.

Though mind is an essential tool to life, it can create havoc until it realizes its proper role and that is to be a loyal follower of Love rather than fighting It for control. The finite nature of the body-mind has limited competency, so all it can ever be is a faux leader, not the real deal. When the personality concedes to let Love lead, the fight is experience a new level of well-being, and you are free.

A Little Magic After writing this piece, I changed the text alignment format from left to centered, and what do you know?This bell appeared. Somehow, the text formed the shape of a bell, illustrating the content of the poem. My response was, "No way!" as I didn't kern letters to get this effect, nor did I twist words to try and create it. This was a reminder that when we honor the inner desire to create freely—and heart-fully—without trying too hard, magic happens.

May we attune to the Infinite One we are in perfect unity, now and always.

Much Love ~ Korrine

p.s. A high-quality print of this visual poem is available here.

Styling: The text is coffee brown printed on a slightly stained and textured background that resembles a vintage water color paper.

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