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A Good Dose of Pure Brilliance

They’re everywhere—acronyms standing for conditions that disrupt well-being. Here’s some examples. I’m sure you’ve heard similar ones.

“Uh-oh, my OCD is starting to kick in.”

“He’s so ADD, I can barely have a conversation with him.”

“If I don’t take X, my ADHD goes off the charts.”

“She’s been out for a week. Her PTSD is doing a number on her.”

I am vying for an acronym of another kind—one that stands for something empowering—one that leads to the healing of the aforementioned ones. As one who struggled off and on for twenty years with depression, I have great compassion for all suffering, which inspires conversations to support well-being for you and me and every version of we in the process of co-creating a more conscious, healthy, and loving world together.

To activate greater vitality and bring healing to our imbalances, we need a good dose of OPB, short for Owning Pure Brilliance. I may be mixing metaphors a bit, but it gets tricky when you’re referencing AllThatIs. Perhaps it’s best to say that the “owning” part is the good dose of spiritual medicine you choose, and Pure Brilliance is That to which you return when you no longer identify yourself solely as the body and personality tagged by a first and last name. In other words, you remember your True Nature—the wholeness that is your Soul, your Life Force, which has never been broken.

Owning Pure Brilliance carries no risk of headaches, vomiting, internal bleeding, insomnia, weight gain, seizures, or possible fatality. Perhaps one day there will be a collective agreement that we deserve solutions that do not create bigger problems in using them than the original affliction. For those who share this concern and are open to new approaches, today’s post may offer a spot-on alternative. And that is this...

There is no greater medicine than a pure dose of OPB. Let’s open the lid and investigate the mix. What is OPB as it relates to a spiritual being having a human experience?

Owning Pure Brilliance is owning your authentic power, expressing with an open and fearless heart. It is the movement of your Soul’s intention, flowing as naturally as a wave upon a shoreline when no barriers are put in place. OPB includes abundance, creativity, courage, fluidity, openness, action, clarity, expansion, and ease, to name a few.

From a good dose of OPB, people experience unexpected, creative ideas, insights, and inspirations. They light up, feel fully alive, go with the flow, work/play in the zone, and find their groove. Bottom line, describing it is secondary to experiencing it—feeling all the positive side effects of boldly Owning Pure Brilliance.

Feeling fully alive is a general explanation. Specifically, that can mean chronic headaches fade away, eczema clears up, tumors shrink, depression lifts, circulation improves, inflammation decreases, feeling stuck diminishes, fear subsides, insomnia disappears, fever breaks, hostility dissolves, loneliness resolves, addictions evaporate, and so on. Owning Pure Brilliance is choosing to take a full drink of Source energy and allowing It to do what it does—create. Source energy breathes pure life into your bones, cells, and atoms that animate your body suit. It wants to design and optimize the best physical form for you in this moment.

And, there’s a caveat...

Source (Soul) energy requires your participation. You must take ownership in the partnership by creating the best conditions possible for Love, for Pure Brilliance, to shine through you. Several volumes could be written on this part alone—creating the best conditions for Love to lead (and/or heal) your life. For today, we’re highlighting a few, beginning with the choice to surrender your suffering and trust that you are an individual expression of God—of Creation, of Love, of AllThatIs—as Divinity in form and motion meant to flourish and flow abundantly with the waves of your whole-hearted passions.

Can you feel the energy of OPB working already as you heart-fully consider this conversation?

Maybe you feel a resounding YES to that question. For others struggling with heavy stuff, feeling a genuine yes may take a little more time. That’s understandable. You may be neck-deep in a situation that smothers your recognition of Brilliance working through you. It can be pretty challenging to “own it” when you don’t feel it.

Another obstacle could be experiencing an ongoing stream of circumstances in which you give your authentic power away, buying into a mindset that you are something other than God expressing as a physical being. I have countless examples of my struggles with this. Here’s one.

In college, the assistant professor that taught my philosophy class assigned us to read the Tao Te Ching and write a paper about “True Happiness” and our definition of it. The premise of my five-page essay, distilled into one summary sentence was this: that True Happiness is experienced through selflessness, being in service to others and their happiness. What’s your guess on how that was received?

Let’s see if your prediction played out.

To this day, I have a visual of his scribbles in red ink on the top of my paper, “Your thesis is overly-idealistic and simplistic but well written.” Next to that was a barely-legible “A” encased by a haphazard circle. I leaped over the grade into a pool of embarrassment. He seemed like a cool dude, and I felt like a naive school girl in that moment, which led me to buy into his opinion. After all, he was seemingly the older and wiser one. (His 8 years my senior seemed like a big deal then). I supported his point of view with self-criticism and regretted not writing something that sounded “smarter.” It was this kind of thinking that contributed to my ever-expanding paradigm of being “less than” as a young adult.

Strangely, however, for a fraction of a second, I remember another perspective that appeared in my thought-bank in contrast to the critical voice in my head. It was this, “He just hasn’t remembered yet... the part you wrote about in your essay. He hasn’t chosen selflessness to the point of experiencing what you described in your paper.” The tone of the voice silently whispering in my ear was neutral and compassionate, not snarky and judgmental.

That wisdom would have served my well-being (helped heal my intermittent depression) had I chosen to acknowledge and integrate it. Instead, I waved the message off, thinking it was rationalizations of the mind trying to feel better.

Looking back, I am moved by the insights and wisdom written in that paper. I feel for the young woman who opened her heart on the pages of that college essay, and then gave her power away to one who saw things differently and believed otherwise. I feel for the pain she experienced from the ongoing abandonment of herself for years in an effort to earn approval.

At the heart of it, we all experience versions of suffering colored by a different narrative. A common thread of our collective pain is disowning Pure Brilliance, especially when people we care about judge our individual expressions of It. In the effort to win acceptance, we give our authentic power away and that hurts at a very deep level.

In general, many of us struggle to trust Pure Brilliance in the presence of conditions that oppose it—and that includes our own analytical judgments. This is part of E.G.O. I wrote about in this post, standing for a mindset that exercises great opposition to Love. Opposing Love/Divinity/Infinite Wisdom is resisting rather than owning your True Nature that expresses Pure Brilliance through this human version of being.

We all know this resistance intimately. It’s called fear and doubt. It’s often mixed with feelings of being unworthy or inadequate. Fear, doubt, unworthiness, and other mindsets that feel bad are examples of the intellect exercising great opposition to Love, which leads to dis-ease, illness, and suffering—physically, emotionally, or both. The road to healing can feel overwhelming, difficult, and seemingly impossible at times. The further out of balance we are, the more difficult it can seem to embrace one’s ability to heal completely. This may seem especially true when everything you’ve tried so far hasn’t led to the results you are wanting.

So, Owning Pure Brilliance is an option to play with. I’m choosing to say “play with” instead of “work with” because you’re more likely to experience it when you’re relaxed and easy about it rather than intense. This helps you shift internally from an intention to get rid of something to one of welcoming. The first is the movement of resistance; the latter is allowing. You accept what is present and acknowledge that its presence offers something valuable—a clarifying insight that can help you self-heal. Your pain is like a road sign from your soul offering a message.

Along with that teaching, it’s essential to underscore this point: the pain you feel isn’t a punishment from your Soul or God or anything like that. It’s simply a symptom of energy getting "backed-up" from stressful conditions, thoughts, emotions, etc. Where there is pain there is a lack of energy flow. So, the guidance is to acknowledge the pain (emotional or physical). Thank it for what it’s helping you see, and then offer your love and compassion to the "it" it appears to be. Your loving Presence starts to open the pathways for energy to flow more freely and abundantly.If you’ve had a pain for a long time, the condition may require a consistent, daily practice of your undivided-loving-attention to start feeling noticeable relief. It may happen after the first sitting or it may take days, weeks, months, or more. No one can predict that. There are many variables at play, and I could only offer specific insights on a case-by-case basis.

To summarize, Owning Pure Brilliance isn’t a fight with symptoms, working hard to “beat them down” just as light doesn’t battle with the darkness of a room in which a lamp is turned on. When you allow the electricity of Love to flow in, you own Pure Brilliance and feel more energized. Welcoming and embracing the flow of Pure Brilliance (of Love) over time, you feel imbalances start to fade just as the darkness of night surrenders with ease to the sunrise.

We’ve covered what OPB is and how it may apply in one’s life. Now, the question you may have is, "How do I own Pure Brilliance, when I don’t feel it?"

This is the million dollar question I help people answer for themselves when they feel deeply stuck in I-Don't-Know camp. I have been a resident there many times. I know it well; and I know the secret passages out. The key is utilizing the magic of Creative Energy, and that will look different for nearly everyone. I help clients open doors with their unique creative code, which we uncover together in our sessions. The one-size-fits-all thing doesn’t apply here.

However, I can offer some general guidance to get started. The stepping-off point is making the choice to CREATE. Your entire being is comprised of countless expressions of creation. There’s a creative party happening in every one of our living cells which means Creation is a resource that is abundantly present, pulsing in and through us, animating our lives. All there is is the choice to own it and apply it to everyday life—to your creative dreams and your thorny challenges.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and brainstorm a little bit.

  • If you feel lethargic, create more positive energy by participating in something that feels good and is good for you.

  • If you feel a suppression of creative flow, open the valve wider by doing something easy and fun.

  • If you feel a lack of abundance, create something abundantly with the pure passion of your heart.

  • If you feel lonely, create the relationship with yourself you want to share with another.

  • If you feel lost, create a map of your pure desires and explore them as often as possible.

  • If you feel a lack of fulfillment or purpose, serve someone. Someone, somewhere can benefit from your attention, support, and compassion.

  • If you feel that some relationships do not contribute to your well-being, create new ones by being the person you want to be with.

  • If you’re bored, create something that excites you.

  • If you’re overwhelmed by chaos, create an environment of peace.

  • If you feel afraid, create a vision of what it might be like to be fearless.

  • If you feel weakened, create an invitation for Divinity to show you what strength feels like in your body at this moment.

Whatever feels bad, create its opposite. In every moment CREATION is present and itching to serve your life in ways that light you up from the inside. The ball of BRILLIANCE is in your court. Will you choose to own it, create something awesome, and then pass it on to others who want what you’ve got?!

I can’t wait to see what you boldly create as an Intrepid Creator in service to your well-being and to our beautiful, radiant New Earth in the making.

May we attune to the Infinite One we are in perfect unity, now and always.

Much Love ~ Korrine


Activate your Pure Brilliance: View Intrepid Creator video

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