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Key to Gaining Clarity with Life Purpose

One of the greatest gifts of attuning to Love is recognizing that the things we've judged are actually working for us. We do this by attuning to our True Nature that doesn't criticize or compare; and instead, welcomes all experiences. From this conscious perspective, we notice a valuable point: everything offers something that can be used for our well-being. It comes down to how we choose to receive and integrate things.

Part of integration is inviting all of our interests, experiences, fears, concerns, strengths and weaknesses to merge. As we honor them, we release from judgments that create shame. In contrast, appreciating the whole of our being and experiences brings clarity about what we've learned and how we might share that wisdom in service to ourselves and others.

Immersing in silence and listening with an open heart is essential to shifting from judgment to appreciation. This is part of attuning to Love, listening at a level that transforms your life in ways no one can predict. The power of this is touched upon in Liquid Silence Listening poem, art, and video.

Example of Deep Listening and Integration

I used to judge my sporadic bouncing between art mediums as evidence of indecisiveness (or acute attention deficit). Self-talk repeated things like, "jack of all trades, master of nothing." The epiphany that something was "right" (rather than wrong) about this my silenced my inner critic. Using a variety of art forms is essential to my work today.

The voice of Soul affirms that each endeavor is a gift to be integrated as an essential part of the whole. Once that is known, we allow all of our experiences to serve our well-being—emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Challenging ourselves in new ways creates stronger brains! Daring to live our loves, regardless of how messy and imperfect things may look is energizing. As each of us does this, we also inspire others to step through fear of failure and explore new things that will help bring clarity about one's Life Purpose.

The vision that lights you up is waiting patiently for your gusto. All your experiences, joyful and painful, have prepared you to step-up and move full-steam ahead. As you plan, create, live, and share this integrated package, everyone benefits.

Integrating my professions as an artist, healer and spiritual teacher has led to helping others integrate their experiences. This painting and poetry symbolizes part of my journey—plunging into waves of painful confusion and being washed ashore by Grace. Through that experience, I learned to listen deeply to the stillness that is our True Nature, even in the turbulence of stormy waters.

Through all of it, I was guided to trust my heart and commit to courage. The wisdom of light-heartedness taught the importance of floating, resting and enjoying the cerulean sky and cotton-candy clouds. When I felt stronger and more centered, Love said, "Swim!" So, I did. From there, art, poetry, and visions began to stream abundantly.

This poem teaches that when you float in and merge with the movement of Creation, fluid-abundant-electric- sensation, you integrate all aspects and live the highest version of yourself, radiating well-being in service to our world.

May we attune to the Infinite One we are in perfect unity, now and always.

Much Love ~ Korrine

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