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Self-Love. Remembering You Are All That.

Self-Love is remembering we already are All That—all that fills our longings for a life well-lived. Acknowledging that Love is what we are rather than something to get, shifts our emotional set-point to ease. This lifts the wet blanket of self-doubt and insecurity so our wise compassion, creativity and purpose can come out to play in a bigger way. That is the heart of this poetry-with-benefits video, You Are All That.

The piece begins with a chant, reminding us of the simple, profound truth of what we are in our full-spectrum of colors.

You are the One you search for

You are the Light you seek more

You are the Air you breathe for

You are the Love you look for

You are the One you hope for...

The opening covers a lot of territory because there’s much to acknowledge that, mostly, we don’t. It’s revitalizing to soak in this—suck it up like a sponge—and carry it in our cells as we do life.

The second movement acknowledges the frustration of unanswered questions and stressful emotions that often go with uncertainty. We know the heavy feelings all too well—those of the “not enough” variety, motivating the chase for happiness, approval and success. That race can be utterly exhausting; but, what keeps us going is the thrill of snagging a win on occasion.

The sobering part is the inevitable buzz-fade part. Glitter never sticks for long and, inevitably, is whisked into someone else’s victory party. For a few minutes, all eyes and accolades are on you, and then on someone else...until the whirlwind of the collective micro-attention-span blows the confetti onto the stage of the next winner’s spotlight. Chasing achievements to feel self-Love can be a rush, but it will never be sustaining.

Not to be victory bashing...wins are a beautiful thing! Working passionately and achieving goals makes the world go round with a lot of fun and fulfillment along the way. Making success "wrong" is not the message. Rather, this “poemography” brings attention to the time in-between achievements. Is there peace in our bones in the simple day-to-day or is there something else like uneasy restlessness?

But for a while you forget and believe

the joy you desire must be achieved

and in the time before the “win” is made

you doubt yourself in the grueling wait

We're given a helpful cue when life feels like a grueling wait between achieved goals. That pain is a nudge to take things in a different direction—for instance, investigating within. There's wisdom there, waiting for our arrival. If we look with an eye for detail, we notice that our inner turmoil is linked to believing self-talk that isn't so kind in its assessment of our "measuring up." Eventually growing tired of living for good stats, we might ask questions similar to the ones voiced in the poem.

How long...? will this take?

‘til I’m not defined by the goals I’ve made?

‘til I’m not confined by what others think?

How long?

Profound understandings to our deepest questions can strike in an instant. Let’s not place any limits. That said, if it doesn’t happen pronto, what then? After all, the universe may have 4.7 seconds to slip-in an insight before our attention lands elsewhere. Just saying.

Believing that we are Love at the core is very different from feeling and knowing it as a direct experience with the Divine. Welcoming that direct experience is what we can do anytime, especially in-between periodic wins. If such contemplation isn’t a priority, we’re bound to continue with past patterns that can feel grueling. Suffering is the outcome of believing our essence is something other than Love.

We know from experience that pain baits escapism, trying to fill that which feels empty; and we’ve also seen that none of those escape routes take us back home to pure peace—a quality of self-Love.

To mask the pain, you escape yourself

run from shame that is your hell

Search for something that feels like home

leave the ghost town in your bones

The final movement of this piece points to the authentic power of returning to one’s own front door. From a journey of earnest contemplation, new life is experienced as Presence exposes the one pretending to be you—an impostor in common clothing—making false claims you have believed. The revelation of seeing through this character (the egoic personality) all the way to our True Nature, ushers in the warm welcome we’ve longed for.

But you can...

return to your own front door

the one who left lives here no more

Love remains and welcomes you in

It is You

and has always been

Attuned to our Vital Essence, we hear the call of our Soul that leads us out of waiting—waiting for approval or confirmation of our worthiness or the perfect alignment of stars and planets to act on our dreams. With Love leading our steps, we exit Camp Comfort where we have been lulled by imitation security that weakens our courage muscles to own the greatest versions of ourselves. This is the sacred march of one's journey home, where we never feel alone or embroiled by fear.

Always present, you’ve never been alone

Love paints every step of your journey home

As paint is to an artist, the infinite field of vitality is to an awakened heart. Open and willing, we use this creative medium to master the art of well-being and fuel the joy of well-doing. We access and shape it magically when we enter the sacred studio of our hearts and call it forth to flow through us, to nourish every need and lighten every corner of darkness. That is our creative power and benevolent duty.

Attuning to this infinite, mind-blowing Source that creates unimaginable multi-verses, one can begin right here, right now, within the inspiration of a deep cleansing breath and the remembrance... You Are All That.

You are

All That

you search for

and long for

and live for

you Are.

May we attune to the Infinite One we are in perfect unity, now and always.

Much Love ~ Korrine

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