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Embracing New is an Upgrade

Essential to the art of well-being is embracing new experiences, diversity, and routine breakers. Every time we step into new endeavors, we break old habits and activate the body and mind to grow in new ways. For those who work with me to navigate change, I encourage them to find their journey of NEW. As you get comfortable getting uncomfortable, change becomes a flow of excitement rather than a blockage of heavy dread.

I practice this teaching in my art, always stretching to work with new content, different styles, mediums, methods, etc. This is the happy madness behind my seemingly random, unrelated pieces. This bids me not to be just a teacher, but, always and ever, a student of new territory...the land of unpredictable, creative magic.

It's good to highlight that we keep discernment intact so that we open to new things that align with our desire for goodness, positive creativity, and value of selfless service. The more open we are, the more fluid we are at intuitively feeling our way toward greater well-being, expanding our consciousness, and welcoming positive upgrades that naturally occur in our evolutionary process.

Navigating change and the unknown is my passionate travel. I serve as a guide to help people find their way through frontiers that appear daunting; though, in truth, they are rich opportunities for joy, abundance, and being fully alive.

May we attune to the Infinite One we are in perfect unity, now and always.

Much Love ~ Korrine

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