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Serenity is Power

A client voiced a concern about becoming too peaceful, “I don’t want to lose my edge and become a wet noodle.” That wasn’t the first time I had heard opposition to the idea of being peaceful, and maybe you’ve had a similar concern about it.

The most authentically empowered I have felt has been under the influence of deep and abiding peace. This kind of serenity isn’t sleepy, nor is it disengaged. The mind is restful yet very alive—PRESENT—the opposite of experiencing brain fog or monkey mind. And, it didn’t feel like an achievement (as in gaining something that was missing.)

Experiencing soul-level serenity, there is a “peeling away” of mental noise that covers what has always been here—the beautiful qualities of mine (and our) True Nature. At the deepest level, what is mine is yours. My essence, yours, and all of “ours” is pure life, teaming with infinite potentials and intelligence.

Below all the layers of our human packaging—our identities, culture, style, personalities, and so forth—is our true power. Setting aside our gadgets, grudges, and grievances, we open ourselves to pure serenity. Stepping away from chaos and committing to know ourselves at the deepest level is our gateway to freedom. Yet, how many of us set aside even 5 minutes a day to journey within?

It can feel like a tall order, considering the stressful patterns of life we repeat and accept as normal. This is a gentle reminder that we can do this differently. Being stressed is a choice. Turning our eyes inward is another choice. One leads to madness, the other to gladness. It is that simple, though it may not feel easy.

If we do this together, it may feel “doable” to walk away from things that are not an energetic match to serenity. With the support of others also devoted to living harmoniously, you may feel equipped to make choices that free-you-up from distressing situations.

Relationships can be a tough one. Sometimes we can walk away, other times not, such as with our dependents—children and elderly parents. Deep diving into our serenity is where we return to our power and bring forth the qualities we need to wisely deal with the challenges at hand.

Serenity isn’t a state of being, although it might feel that way as it appears to come and go from our experience. The further in we go, the more we see that serenity is what we are. From that pure knowing and being, you and me and every version of we are unstoppable.

If you’ve grappled with thinking, “What’s my purpose?” you can take the first step now, shifting your point of attention away from stressful thoughts and situations. Consider moving toward grace, even an inch, when a full leap isn’t possible. Your awareness and commitment to raising your frequency stops the downward spiral of stress that can wreak havoc with you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Together, living the frequency of Love, we create communities that harmonize with goodness and supports the natural transformation and well-being of our lives and our world.

Much Love,


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