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OFFERINGS > Poetic Ascension, by Korrine Holt

Soft Cover Book AVAILABLE NOW!

Art & Poetry created by Korrine Holt

Available on Amazon here​.

* If you would like to purchase a signed copy of the book, inquire here, and we will send it from our office with free shipping. Include details for your request, such as the first name of the person for whom the book will signed.


“We all have unique gifts of creative expression that can contribute to our world. This collection arose as a bridge to connect readers to their highest wisdom—the part of themselves that is greater than their circumstances and beliefs.”

~ Korrine Holt

Poetic Ascension: Attuned to Love is a coffee table book of conscious art and poetry. Author, Korrine Holt, weaves a vibrant tapestry of images and poetic beauty in service to attuning to the call of Soul. She shares wisdom of Divinity, welcoming our return to wholeness. Echoing through this collection is an invitation to rise above our burdens and live authentically urgent to the longing of our innocent hearts and creative, Infinite Nature. Reminders abound that our liberation from suffering follows our pure devotion to remembering that “home” is the heart of our being. Enjoy 40+ original artworks and poems.​

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