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A poem for Korrine, written by one of her students.

A Classic

written by Sabrina Flemming


Radiance shines not upon but from a single novel.

Golden-red letters full of body and movement

flow atop knowledge within.

Spine curvature formed from grace!

Or was it from the role she accepted as the beloved

favorite of many?

Bound willingly in dignity, her blues show laughter

without fear of any future.

What was encased exactly she has not chosen,

she'd rather lay open.

Maybe that was what made her such a good read

a journey through class rather than

another standard lecture.

Oh, and she is everything but standard!

Her words pleasing to the eyes as well as the ears

for she gives you reason to open both.

Her features narrate for themselves.

You find yourself intrigued as you smirk

from her unexpected humor.

Soon becoming captivated,

tears roll as you share sympathy

during painful, plot tragedies.

Finally you come to a bittersweet conclusion...

Smiling as you realize her time

serving others is done.

You try to find a suiting thanks,

worthy hail for such a lovely experience.

But her phrases of wisdom that have inspired you

cannot be awarded enough.

Therefore, you can only give praise to such an author—

one with the ability to create such a beautiful classic.​


I originally contacted Korrine regarding my passion and desire to launch a new business career. My passion was without question; however, I felt a hindrance in starting my new business, primarily for reasons revolving around self-doubt and self-inflicted personal restrictions. In spending only one hour with Korrine, I felt changed in a way I never believed possible prior to our conversation.


In that one session, she helped me release a lifetime of self-doubt, erroneous fears, and hovering uncertainties. By the close of that day in which we spoke, I successfully began the launch of my new business. I have never once, since my connection with Korrine, returned or regressed to a moment of self -doubt or uncertainty regarding the direction I have taken in my career. I recognize that I am a full and complete person and no longer carry the weight of past restrictions and limitations.


Every day is a bright new experience for me, filled with boundless possibilities, new connections and energy of success that continues on. For this amazing awakening in my life, I am so grateful for the powerful connection and interaction I had with Korrine and that the blessings from that day now ripple out to others that I serve in my business.  

-- Lauren A., Connecticut


I have used the conversational strategies we talked about and spent valuable time in person with every member of my team so that I really understand their view of things. My retention rate is extraordinary and I believe it’s because of the communication and coaching skills I developed as a result of working with Korrine. Our team has a high level of trust, honesty, and positive accountability.
-- Brian, Regional Manager, Bank of America

With individual and group discussions, our senior team realized that the sum of our talents is greater, more productive and more efficient than any individual. As a result of your work with us, we are more confident in our final product/decisions and we have a much more enjoyable time at work.
-- Lieutenant Colonel, Metropolitan Police Department


Before coaching with Korrine, I was at the heaviest weight of my life at 42 years of age, struggling to get through days with little energy. I had developed high blood pressure and could feel my health declining. I knew I needed to do something but wasn’t sure where to begin with so many options out there.


I ran and did exercises at home, but my weight wouldn’t budge, and my health issues didn’t improve. My family physician offered nothing that worked, and on top of that, I couldn’t shake a lingering depression following the divorce I had a few years earlier.

Within 90 days of Korrine’s coaching, I had dropped 35 pounds and was down to my college weight. My co-workers, family, friends, EVERYBODY—couldn’t believe the rapid change and how great I looked. Without fad diets or crazy fasting schemes, I ate a healthful, balanced diet with food I truly enjoyed, which made the changes sustainable.

Not only did I look and feel better than I had in years, my energy level had soared through the roof. While working a full-time, demanding job, and being a single parent, I have written three novels. That’s another thing—Korrine uncovered my creative passion through a process that reconnected me to what I love doing—writing.

My life is no longer a chore…it is a joy! I wake up each day excited about new possibilities. And just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I met the love of my life. 

-- Trent H., Florida


Seventeen years of therapy were not enough to help me, but working with Korrine, I unearthed and dealt with the pain of my past. I can’t explain how she does it because it doesn’t fit with everything “practical” that I know. What I do know is how much better I feel emotionally with my heart open in a very healthy way. Physically, my once “crooked” leg is now straight, and my C-section scar has nearly vanished. I admit that I arrived at her office a skeptic, but I have all the proof I need to know Korrine is a gifted healer and counselor.    

--Shelby J., Georgia


For a number of years I had been using prescription drugs for sleep. I hated doing it, feeling that they were affecting my mental clarity, but my doctor said lack of sleep could affect my clarity as well. I felt in a catch 22. I felt if I stayed on them for a prolonged period of time, my overall health would suffer.I had a healing session with Korrine and after one session, I found I could sleep without the sleeping pills. Now I sleep fairly well and only use natural sleep aids when I need them. I wake up more refreshed and get up more easily, especially in the very early morning. I have more energy, mental clarity and feel good about being “drug free” I would say my quality of life has improved 25-30%. I have more energy to exercise which in turn gives me more energy in my life. I can see it only getting better. I have not had to resort to the prescription sleeping pills once since my session with Korrine over four month ago!

 --Elizbeth M., Georgia

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