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It’s gonna take a minute, but we need to revisit 

the most fundamental tenets of our very existence,

a truth erased from our history.

You see…

You and me and every version of we 

are meant to live and thrive abundantly.

Rich with joy, creativity and passion

giving and receiving in a fashion we choose.


But, over eons of time this truth was hidden

by the one’s in charge that didn’t want us to thrive. 

‘Cause they wanted us to serve them, barely alive.

For sure, it’s a bitter travesty to take in, 

but knowing the history is a place to begin. 


We need context of how in the world we got here, 

with our power siphoned and authority smeared.

We must know that in everything they lied 

to keep control and all of us tied 

to anguish, worry, lack, and limitation

feeding fear for how to simply survive.

To sum it up…

that is how they did it as a bottom line.


Yes. The horrid truth… 

let us just take a breath.

Take some time and regroup,

and then, roll up our sleeves, 

recapture our creativity, 

and decide what it is we WANT to do.


It is our right to choose how we want to live

as a mighty force with gifts to give.

Your Power is the strength of your expression,

Authority the wisdom of your sacred direction.


To DRIVE we need fuel and a way to steer, 

without both, we go nowhere that matters from here.


How do we access this fundamental fact

seemingly gone for so long, how do we get it back?

And tap into the blueprint of our Grand Design

to command with Authority so that we THRIVE.


Naturally the question arises, “How?”

“How do I do that, what are the steps?”

Which leads us to the next part of the history.

How they shredded our power to have us believe 

that what we NEED is not within ourselves.


Which means…

Looking to them as our authority, 

believing, somehow, they knew best, 

as if they really cared for our highest interest.

NO. They never did. It has to be said.


We have to adjourn from this proclivity

and return to the Reality of Truth.

This was a spoof of a tragic kind, 

one never to forget, ever, over time

or the dire mistake of giving our power away.


In believing their lies, we lost touch 

with our Voice of Authority, and as such

we went along with what looked like the majority,

swallowing our words or turning a blind eye.

We missed what was hidden in plain sight.


It’s a LOT to take in. It is. 

So, let’s be gentle with ourselves as a whole.

Give this space to integrate,

and call on the loving power of Grace

to heal our shock and the wounds of our Soul.


From this day forward, may we remember

Our Power and Authority lives in every cell.

ALL that we need IS within ourselves.

So as we return to the question of How?

How do we completely bring it back,

claiming what is ours, fully in tact?


Stop believing you’re unworthy.

Heal the doubt inside of you.

Feel fervently, your desires.

Fiercely look for what is True.


Be fearless in your inward trek.

Reconnect with your Infinite Power.

In every hour, may you never forget

to command Love to lead you through.

~ Korrine Holt


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