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We cannot heal inside a lie.

This is an essential Truth 

that must come to the fore. 

No more, can we live in the stink 

of dishonesty and think that we 

can embody freedom in Unity.


We cannot unify our hearts and minds or

heal the ties that bind our broken families of Earth 

when truth is buried deep and wide.


We cannot heal inside a lie and think 

we’ll ever crossover the great divide.


No longer can we lie to ourselves or each other 

while we smother what is real and expect 

that, together, we will heal.

Genuine life doesn’t work like that.


We can’t continue to cancel “the curious”

who dare to uncover spurious agendas 

that countless people have adopted, 

believing the ones who have concocted 

countless means to our demise.


We cannot heal inside a lie and think 

we’ll ever bridge the great divide.


This is an inside job, it is. 


When distortions are all that 

is allowed to be said, 

all honest expressions suppressed 

from me and you, 

we must learn to do what we can do

Discern what are lies and what facts are true.


This applies to both the outer world and inner. 

What have you believed to be real about yourself 

that is unkind AND untrue?


Did someone plant a seed that you were unworthy to receive 

a generous flow of goodness? 

Have you agreed to the skewed opinions of others 

that something is flawed or missing within you?

These are only false perceptions, not Truth, 

conceived from wounds of countless generations handed down.


And now, it ends with you. 

In this time and space, you are here to break 

draining patterns created from dark clouds of lies.

Layers upon layers of them, heavy in their suffocation of our lives.


How do we break free?

We recognize what is actually true.

We cannot heal inside a lie.


Venture in and see what you believe that doesn’t feel good.

Just find one, for starters.

Notice if you feel tired, agitated, or guarded.

Do your defenses arise or resentment kick in? 

We must debate what we believe in 

so we don’t end up with hate of what we’ve become.


What a waste it would be to throw away our good lives 

from believing an enormous stack of lies.

Please, let us be done with that chapter.


May we find joy ever-after with new eyes 

for seeing what is actually true.

That no mistake we have blundered and made 

would define us, eternally, never enough.

You and I are worthy to be loved through 

our shame, regret, guilt, and pain. 

Forgiven for our bitter thoughts and angry words spouted.


It is time for lies to be outed 

so that we can unify our hearts and minds.

To not be divided in our inner thoughts of 

a love-hate relationship with ourselves.


We do not need to carry our fears 

in order to remain vigilant and safe.

That is a lie.

We do not need to carry our shame or remorse 

to be an enforcer of honorable behavior.

That, too, is a lie.


Haven’t you become wiser from your choices of regret?

This is a reminder for what we tend to forget.

If what you believe feels heavy and draining, 

it is not working for the betterment of you.


So, let’s agree to snuff these things out. Enough is enough.

We cannot heal inside a lie, and all of life will unify

within the loving arms of Truth.   ~Korrine Holt


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