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TRAILERS > Poetry with Benefits, Awakening to the Heart of ONE

Below are previews of our Poetry with Benefits productions, unique blends of conscious verses, visuals, and music that help viewers de-stress, get centered, and find inspiration within. These high-vibe-mini-films are an integral part of Korrine's live events, inviting participants to make a positive shift and connect with their unique expression of empowered creativity for improved health, relationships, abundance, and joy.

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If you would like to schedule Korrine for a Keynote Speaking Event, an Unplugged Heart & Soul Gathering, an Interview, Featured Artist spotlight, contact us, and we will send you links to preview full versions of videos.

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The Call of "I"  Poetry with Benefits Trailer

Strings, brass, choir, and percussion, set the tone for this epic journey through the cosmos, guided by Korrine's poetic recounting of a mystical meditation beneath the night sky. Through the experience, you travel beyond common seeing, attuning to your infinite nature, and merging with wisdom that speaks through the call of your Soul. This is a journey you'll want to take again and again, returning to Pure Presence that is the ground of your being.

Attuned to Love , Poetry with Benefits Trailer

If you'd like to connect with the fully "chill" part of yourself, catch the wave of this poignant production. The piano, synth, and strings meander with an unjealous pace, creating the perfect, peaceful backdrop to this poetic meditation. With pristine elements of nature in the mix, this production offers many layers to an experience that changes you for the better Enjoy a quick dip into fluid creation, a space in which burdens melt away, supporting you to re-enter the world grounded and centered in your being.

If You Knew, Poetry with Benefits Trailer

The spacious simplicity of the harp sets the tone for this mini-film that is calming, uplifting, and deep. As you consider where you want to go from here, great insight comes from a perspective that guides you to reflect on the most important thing. What is that for you? "I don't know," you might think. This mini-film takes you deeper into the center of your pure Knowing.   To see the full version for FREE, subscribe below.

Gift of the Game, Poety with Benfits by Korrine Holt
Gift of the Game, Poetry with Benefits Trailer COMING SOON! Full Video available to purchase at store.

 This mystical and suspenseful production invites us to look at the very things we have worked hard to hide or ignore. Empowered creativity begins with the bold commitment to be present with all aspects of oneself, born from the full spectrum of experiences. Through integration, we emerge stronger, embodying life that is greater than our conditions and circumstances. The driving rhythm of the percussion woven through the lute and flute creates a magical experience of healing. 

Gift of the Game, Poety with Benfits by Korrine Holt
Freedom's Fire, Poetry with Benefits Trailer COMING SOON!  Full Video available to purchase at store.

This production comes alive with the intense play of piano, basses, cellos, flutes, clarinets, oboes, English horn, and percussion. The poetic verses take you on a journey from the dark night of the Soul to the sweet relief of freedom from suffering, seeing through the false perceptions of a distressed mind.

Intrepid Creator, Poetry with Benefits Trailer

With a poetic twist of fate, this haunting and intense musical vibe (created with basses, cellos, tuba, trombones, prepared piano, voice, and drums) hits home as a positive and inspiring reminder of the power that lives within you. If you've landed here, count on it, my friend--you are an Intrepid Creator, and this message is meant for you to hear, receive, and integrate as unforgettable wisdom.

Gift of the Game, Poety with Benfits by Korrine Holt
Love Chaser, Poetry with Benefits Trailer COMING SOON!  Full Video available to purchase at store.

The musical vibe of this piece is action with smooth edges. Set in motion by percussion, piano, and synth, the candid message lands in the rhythmic pocket in a way that you can't put it down. The pure honesty of the message mixed with a touch of humor and wisdom makes it a treasure for your conscious media collection.

Liquid Silence Listening, Poetry with Benefits Trailer

The soothing, mystical vibe of "Liquid Silence Listening" takes you deep into the space beneath the chattering mind where fears, doubts, and burdens are washed clean, leaving you with a full sense of peace and possibilities to live true to your sparks of desire. With this depth of listening and tuning into your highest wisdom, you can trust each step along the journey of your great adventure.

You Are All That, Poetry with Benefits Trailer

This grooving, mystical, and rhythmic mini-film offers a clear message of what we often ignore or dismiss. The opposite of arguing for one's limitations, this piece stands for All that we are and are capable of realizing. Accompanied by percussion, marimba, basses, trombones, tuba, and french horn, this one is a keeper that you'll want to play daily for a kick start to rise above self-doubt or a common case of the blues.

Spiritual Emergent, Poetry with Benefits Trailer

Epic, suspenseful, and uplifting are a few words to describe the vibe of this mini-film. This poem recounts the story of who and what we are on this Earth stage and why we are here, in part. Of course, no words could possibly capture the breadth of such a human excursion, but this poetic mini-film peels off layers that have veiled remembering some of the most important things. Accompanied by winds, strings, brass, percussion, and choir, this alluring production welcomes repeat views to emerge out of a perspective tied to limitation, and, instead, open to field of expansive possibilities available to you.

Overlook, Poetry with Benefits Trailer

Overlook is simply deep, soothing and infinitely wide in its wisdom and capacity to guide you into the limitless landscape of your being. From dissolving fear to soaring into the pristine Cosmos of your existence, this mini-film guides you to experience That which is in you and me and every version of we. The simple arrangement of the piano and the reflective mood is the perfect musical partner to this rich and soulful experience.


Join Korrine on the top of Palomar Mountain in southern California as she shares insights for tuning into peace and tranquility that is the essence of nature and our True Nature. When an outdoor respite is not an option, you can go virtually. Feel yourself here, sitting upon another large rock, taking in the view, the sounds of nature, and the magic of poetry born from Mother Nature. The relaxed pace of the guitar and strings are the perfect musical pairing to this video.

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