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It only takes a few minutes on most broadcasts to feel stressed. Between the vitriol, lies, and decline in quality of life, many feel angry, overwhelmed, and fearing the worst. Equally demoralizing and infuriating is not feeling heard. I believe the tension from not being told truth and from being shushed is building, and we need a solution.


We need an extraordinary strategy to meet people where they are and carefully attend to the emotions that are hurtful to them and to our collective energy. How we speak and what we say around the globe, to me, is part of that extraordinary plan for creating peace and to unify our world. 



A journey of courage, grace, and fortitude.


(Excerpt) How do we heal our world that is war-torn and divided on every front? Where do we begin to rebuild when most of humanity feels heavy with hopelessness and skepticism that goodness can ever prevail? What will it take to come together when the divide between us is vast in perceptions, beliefs, cultures and ideologies? 


Let us call forth the greatest part of ourselves that is committed to neutralizing adversity to create peace and prosperity. This is a call to take charge of our individual and collective healing. We cannot do one without the other. As a human race, we must each do our part to heal within and apply our harmonization to the outer world.


There is a strong, Conscious Leader within you. Regardless of your current expression of leadership, a new level of it is ready to emerge. Ask for it to come forth without hesitation. If you experience uncertainty about this internal request, consider this tip. Simply ask from the sincerity of your heart. That is enough.


By doing so, you invite a new aspect of yourself to arise—one that desires to contribute whole-heartedly to creating harmony within yourself and the world. This Conscious Leader within you is not concerned with status, fame, or financial reward. This One desires peace and harmony for all. And, it will do the right thing when no one is watching, choosing integrity over winning and honesty over appearances.


Without question we are being tasked to approach life in a new and different way. It can be challenging to step out of old routines and patterns of behavior. This is a process. Be gentle with yourself and others as we all collectively commit to a NEW WAY of living. Let us be both patient and CONSCIOUS with our missteps so that we can self-correct swiftly and begin again many times a day until the NEW WAY becomes our normal way...


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