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ABOUT > The Art of Well-Being

Having a strong sense of well-being is the foundation for experiencing the abundant life we long for—filled with joy and deep appreciation for life.


In the same way we want to cure an illness by strengthening the immune system (rather than chasing symptoms), Korrine helps people resolve their confusion with Life Purpose by helping them revitalize their well-being. 


Well-being is one of those big, general words that can mean different things to different people. Similar to defining “success” we have a general sense of it; and, at the same time, it’s useful to look beneath the surface and unpack details that matter to each of us. It's empowering to describe well-being for ourselves rather than gravitate toward someone else’s definition.


Someone struggling with a health issue will likely define well-being with an emphasis on being healthy. Those facing financial challenges tend to emphasize abundance in their definition. People struggling with emotional upsets want to feel relief and the possibility of feeling good again. Individuals seeking soul-mates often give relationship status top-billing in their definitions. If you feel turned upside down by your spiritual awakening, a fundamental part of your purpose may be to simply trust that all is well in your awakening.


All individual definitions for well-being get to be right, and it’s natural to want what we don’t seem to have. Our wholehearted desires lead us on our Soul path, and, often times, that journey can feel painfully confusing. Gaining a fresh perspective is often the best medicine.


Helping people see how they are uniquely positioned to act upon their visions of purpose is an important part of our offerings.


Korrine helps people gain clarity, both with their suffering and with their deepest desires. She does so by addressing well-being from an uncommon perspective, starting on the subtle layers of energy and translating those insights practically for daily life. Being a prolific creator, she often creates custom exercises that fit the immediate need of a client in service to their empowered creativity. Within every one of us is an Intrepid Creator.


What Gets in the Way of Well-Being

We experience well-being when Divinity flows abundantly through us. Pain, illness, and suffering happen when the flow of Life Force is obstructed. How is it disrupted? An injury can create a block in the flow. More common is our daily, stressful thoughts.


Well-being is our natural state when we’re not being corrupted by convoluted programs. When these programs run repeatedly, we feel stressed. What are the convoluted programs?  Disharmonious thoughts and beliefs powered by the subconscious mind. Metaphorically speaking, we could say the subconscious is our operating system, like that of a computer.


Fear-based programs are like viruses that corrupt the flow of data in the computer. To return to our natural state of well-being, we need to uninstall the tainted programs and clear the drive. This sounds easy, right? Hit a few a buttons, and presto, the programs get zapped. No fuss, no muss, no problem. But...

It can seem difficult when it comes to our human programming because of how we respond to things. When we get hooked by a stressful emotion, we tend not to release from it, and clear it for good. Why? 

When we stay hooked, we’re unconsciously owned by the programs. They run the show, and then we feel victimized by the disruptions they create. We can feel like we’re spinning out of control, coming undone, losing our footing, and more. The longer our natural state is disrupted, the more likely we are to experience physical and emotional upsets feeling anxious, alone, unlikeable, unlovable, separate, depressed, and many other stressful possibilities.

Without consciously “unhooking” from emotions (uninstalling stressful programs) we continue to repeat the same phrases, stories, emotions, reactions, and consequences. Time and again, we relive variations of the same themes (programs) that are not cleared from our operating system. The key is dissolving the programs that create a narrow data transfer rate with Divinity rather than a robust throughput with maximum “goodput” (data transfer that is useful to a situation.)


What to Do About Obstacles

Translating this "IT" metaphor to life, we’re looking at how energized you feel. When we’re depressed, we feel heavy and lethargic. When we’re excited about something, we feel full of energy, even if we had less sleep the night before. When we’re attuned to Love-based qualities of our True Nature, we open. When we open, we welcome more life force to fuel our human systems and purposeful actions. Being fully charged by Creation's “battery,” our physical and emotional challenges transform for the better, moving toward a harmonious rhythm and function.


There are countless nuances of enhancing well-being; however, three main aspects rise to the top for their measure of helpfulness in creating one’s best life.

  1. leaning-in to fears rather than trying to escape them.

  2. being present with painful patterns (programs).

  3. being committed to things you deeply care about.


Even taking small steps with regard to these guiding points helps one lay the groundwork for building a life that is joyful and WELL in every way.

Korrine Holt is an artist, messenger, and Spiritual Teacher, for those on the spiritual path of awakening, fervent to honor the call of their Soul. Combining the Art of Well-Being and Joy of Well-Doing, people open to new layers of consciousness, to the magic of being human—experiencing one’s True Nature while living the physical expression of it. We look forward to hearing from you with questions or comments through this page.

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