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Whether in the company of one person or several hundred, Korrine lives for intimate discussions. In this context, “intimate” refers to creations for well-being and conversations for the soul. She welcomes the opportunity to speak to groups, and even more, to speak with them. For the brave who want to share their whole-hearted desires, she listens to feel the yearnings of one’s soul, inviting dreams to pour out and be lived.

And, the conversation wouldn’t be complete without addressing the “But, how?” question. Whether seeking enlightenment, searching for a soul mate, wanting financial security, or seeking to know one's life purpose, the question, “How?” often consumes the logical mind, creating beliefs based in can't.

The answers we seek arise through unfettered honesty about what we want more than anything. Guidance comes as we explore possibilities, especially those that beckon us to leave Camp Comfort, walk through our fears, and trust the wisdom residing in our deepest wishes.

Spiritual intimacy is finding the way into one's heart, creating the inner bridge that allows you to cross-over from being mentally-driven to being Heart led. It is from the sacred center that we merge with the Unified Source Field, which allows us to bring our wishes to fruition without their opposite polarity in the mix, as it is with mind-led striving for goals. Who knew, right? It's a nuance you rarely hear about.

This is rich ground for conversations of a lifetime. I look forward to tilling the soil and planting seeds with you for new growth and a bountiful harvest.


Your audience will come away feeling inspired to...

  • live consciously

  • resolve obstacles

  • create passionately

  • and give generously

Acrylic painting and poem titled, I Am Moved by Korrine Holt, artist, poet, and Spiritual Teacher

We’d love to hear from you! To inquire and schedule a speaking engagement with Korrine, contact us here.

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