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Spiritual Emergent: Leading What Feels Urgent

A sense of urgency has been a common theme for many of us, and it's common to feel at odds not understanding what that sense is pointing to—especially on a practical level. We look for clarity to answer the question... What am I meant to do in this life that is fun and meaningful?

This is a burning question for so many us, and for that reason, we dedicate this site to the rich and intimate exploration of Life Purpose. There are countless in-roads to discovery and clarity, and what we know for sure, Love is at the heart of it all. It's the answer to revealing what we've forgotten and healing what we've ignored. When we attune to Love and its infinite qualities, everything goes better.

This poem with benefits acknowledges our hardships, discoveries, and blessings. It's a reminder that we're not alone, and when we let Love lead we're powerful creators beyond our intellectual understanding.

May we re-create this world together in the spirit of humble collaboration and care for one another as essential members of a world family. If that is something that speaks to you, we invite you to subscribe and receive announcements of new releases for audio, video, and articles that prompt remembrance of your True Nature and the infinite wisdom therein.

May we attune to the Infinite One we are in perfect unity, now and always.

Much Love ~ Korrine

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