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Into the Wind

Last week, threatening Spring storms came through, winds gusting with the energy of a child having an all-out tantrum. Branches from trees hit the ground like toys being thrown from the hands of fitful toddlers, and the torrential rain had no concern for the flooding that would follow its emotional purge.

I sat on the front porch and dialed into the calm, still-point of my heart. Feeling into the energetic drama of the weather pattern, I was guided to be present with the feeling of unrest. Once relaxed and calm, I held the storm as I had with my son many times during distressing moments in his early years.

When you respond to aggression with a pure heart of understanding and compassion, it simmers down. The winds of aggression soften when they're met with empathy rather than judgment, and trust rather than fear.

The feeling experienced in that moment surfaced as words to be spoken to the storm, which came out as poetry.

Along with the blessing to the winds, the final message was a reminder to reacquaint ourselves with the power of our sacred hearts. Being present with the feeling of peace and goodness, we transmit a heart-based signal that literally transforms the world around us for the better.

Just as my son’s anguish softened beneath his mother’s loving embrace, the storm overhead quieted to heavy sighs and tears of a gentle rain.

Into the Wind

Into the winds of

blusterous dusk, I whisper,

“Through the power within

as Love I am,

I imagine this world well

in every way.

All turbulence be quelled;

all disturbance be settled

as a child grows still

inside arms of grace.”

How dare we not claim

our benevolent power

that lives and breathes

within every heart.

When so much pain

seethes in every hour,

what better time

than Now to start?

~ Korrine Holt ©2017. All rights reserved.

If you'd like to share this poem with others, that would be grand. And, please do so with the following attribution.


Poem by Korrine Holt

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