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How to Attune and Let Love Lead.

The question I often hear from clients or friends is, “How do you that, attune to Love and let Love lead?” It would be grand if I could offer steps that are as concrete as those for changing a tire; but, connecting to Divinity is so non-complex and subtle, the mind often rejects it. Part of the challenge of answering that question is the fact that what works for me or you may not work at all for another.

Some of us feel the magic of All That Is while being in nature or in meditation. Still, one client asked recently, “How can I attune without meditating or trying to think positive?"

What a great question that reflects the sign of our times. With the many responsibilities we juggle, adding meditation to the daily agenda can feel like too much. Even knowing it would support our well-being, it’s typically the first thing that gets put off. It’s kind of like having a choice of side dishes dining out. “Uh, I should probably have the side salad, but what the heck, I’ll take the sweet potato fries.”

With our nervous systems so accustomed to almost non-stop stimulus, the idea of sitting alone in silence can seem like an impossible undertaking for the mind that doesn’t want to stop churning and burning. So, what’s the answer to experience Divinity without trying to begin with meditation?

I’m sure there are countless pointers. A primary one we offer is positive media—combining visuals, music, and spiritual teachings revealed through poetry. They are high-vibe-mini films, less than 5 minutes, that serve as a bridge from tension to relaxation. Infused in the productions is the energy of being attuned to the All; and the beauty of that experience welcomes the mind to soften its rigidity.

We embrace our collective affinity for media, creating uplifting productions to unwind tension that has been stimulated by all the other media channels. Once the mind settles and the body can accept stillness or quietude, there is room to hear the call of your Soul.

In whatever way works best for you, this is a gentle reminder to make space for relaxation. Experiment with simple approaches that can happen in minutes or seconds, such as turning off stressful media and giving attention to things that feel uplifting. You can simply ask yourself, "Am I Aware?" and notice what is present. Is there tension present? Self-judgments or doubts? Worries about your to-do list or finances? Whatever is there, give compassion to those feelings and reassurance that all is well.

In challenging moments, I find it helpful to say inwardly, "My True Nature is Love, and it is leading me through this, fully in charge, now. Thank you!" If you're a visual person you can close your eyes and focus on a color or series of colors. Anything that feels good in this moment is perfect. You can recall imagery of nature, memories with loved ones, high points from any time in your life, and things that relate to humor.

Everything has an energy signature--sound, color, interactivity with one another, shapes, symmetry, etc. When you give your full attention to such things, they have an immediate effect on the flow of energy in your body.

Together, we can create the space for grounded connection to our Highest Wisdom, utilizing the magic of color, imagery, music, and benevolent messages that remind us that Love is our True Essence. As the mind relaxes and learns to trust the power of the Infinite, it welcomes Love to lead life. With that profound shift of inner leadership, fear no longer rules our being or doing.

Operating from the unified field of Creation, there is nothing we can't bring to fruition...especially, a world that is conscious, kind, and compassionate.

Attuned to Love, one's personal growth unfolds naturally, which is different from "trying" to improve oneself—trying to think better thoughts or be less judgmental. These are all good, of course. Attuning is simply a different without steps, or directions, or strategies.

It's more like slipping into a warm bath, feeling utter contentment, and releasing from all forms of trying hard.

I'll be discussing more insights on attuning to Love on my Poetic Ascension Sunday Facebook LIVE at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific. You can find the fb page @attunetolove.

Hope to see you there. This brief video introduces it further.

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