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You have journeyed far, and now

at the edge of what is done,

your longing echoes through

the grandeur of life’s canyon.

You ask Love to take your fears,

lead you out and away from here—

from the cliff you are intimate with,

having scaled the wall of denial’s abyss.

Earnestly, you wait and listen,

get impatient with the position

of not fully trusting or knowing

which way you are going.

And then, on the boundary of silence

there’s a call you sense,

seemingly off in the distance;

but it isn’t far away, in truth.

What you heard was experienced within you.

“Out there” is a mirage that appears,

with devotion you see there is only here—

a placeless place of infinite space,

the All in the smallest thing you can trace.

That is Love, intricately woven

into all of Existence chosen

to see Itself through.

Feel it expand as the ever-changing you

and me and every version of we.

From the overlook you attune to the call

that when you drop your heavy pack

it is done for all.

This can be done in a sacred minute,

unloading all you’ve carried and tried to keep hidden.

Allow all fears, worries, and doubts to stir

for a moment they create a disturbing blur.

But, it clears to purity in an instant

when you rest in your heart

not keep it distant.

~ Korrine Holt

p.s. May we attune to the Infinite One we are in perfect unity, now and always. Much Love ~ Korrine

If you would like to share this poem with others, that is welcomed. And, please do so with the following attribution.


Poem by Korrine Holt

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