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Video, Liquid Silence Listening

Today's post is dedicated to welcoming the abundant flow of life, creativity, and vitality. It's a reminder to take time to listen to your inner being and remember that Love is what you are...the Radiance that shines from your being and animates your life with ease when you allow It to lead your life in every way.

Liquid Silence Listening

Resting in the center of sacred quietude,

feel Love speaking to every cell

beckoning you to surrender and open wider until

all internal barriers dissolve with no trace,

signaling your willingness to receive Love’s embrace.

Immersed in the intimate stream of One,

you are drawn to Grace, to share, and converse

though silence alone appears empty at first;

but, in truth there is Infinity to discern.

It welcomes you to listen and learn.

Honoring your innocent curiosity,

you wonder what matters to ask or say—

maybe nothing today, or tomorrow, or the next.

This is something you come to accept

because the magic isn't what is said with words

but the feeling felt prior to what is heard

silently... from Love's universe.

Float in and merge with this movement of creation

fluid, abundant, electric sensation.

Streaming through the center of your sacred heart

with nowhere to end or place to start.

Everything is now every moment you allow

Grace to flow in and spiral throughout

your thoughts, feelings, and physical being.

Celebrate the wonder of sacred healing.

Yes.... yes...

With your protective walls laid to rest,

you’re no longer bound by appearances

you and I and all are free

to invite liquid Silence to shower us clean

and see with pure eyes what wants to be seen

through the heartful ear of Infinite listening.

~ Korrine Holt ©2016. All rights reserved.

If you'd like to share this poem with others, that would be grand. And, please do so with the following attribution.


Poem by Korrine Holt

Today's video was seeded by two prior creations... a painting and poem that share the same title because they were created almost simultaneously. One inspired and encouraged the creation of the other, yet it wasn't clear until afterward that they were different expressions of the same message.

From there, we were guided to combine the poetry, art, and spiritual teaching with music and "make it move." Perhaps it will inspire movement, flowing in the direction of your soulful dreams and desires.

A high-quality print of the painting shown in the video by Korrine Holt is available HERE

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