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The Alchemist You've Always Been

Central to the art of well-being is recognizing your unique power as an alchemist. Alchemy, in essence, is the transformation of one thing into another... a "step-up" if you will. Looking at this energetically, a "step-up" refers to raising the vibration. In the case of human transformation, that means expanding consciousness and creating a lifestyle that feels meaningful and joyful. Looking symbolically at the alchemy of lead transmuting to gold, the questions we might consider asking...

What is my gold?

What would a step-up be in my life?

What makes me smile and light up when I imagine it in my life?

If an answer doesn't come easily, think back to being a kid. What did you like doing the most? Did you color, draw or paint? Build things with blocks? Keep your room very neat and organized? Run a lemonade stand or some other form of small business? Maybe you wrote stories, played with numbers, spent time planning things, or were a collector of stuff. Notice what you did the most, loved the most, or wanted to do even if there were restrictions. There can be some valuable clues in that discovery.

I had a client who consistently played "school" in her basement. She became a teacher. My brother's favorite toys were tractors and farm equipment. He operates a small farm in addition to another business. Many of my clients created childhood businesses and are entrepreneurs today. Some played "doctor" and have become them, while others who were social magnets have become successful sales or marketing professionals.

When I ask people questions about this topic, I commonly hear, "Well, I'm really not creative." They place creativity in the camp of artists; and if art isn’t their thing, there's a belief that their creatorship is absent or limited. We can move beyond such beliefs when we see creation, in essence, is transforming one thing into another. The one thing could be an idea, let’s say a plan for a home. With proper action, the idea is transformed into another thing—a house.

Creativity is part of every walk of life; there's an alchemist living in each and every one of us. Your creative mastery may be in developing organizations, managing teams successfully, inventing new technologies, improving systems, writing, problem solving, planning social events, organizing, number-crunching, postulating theorems, formulating culinary masterpieces, transforming broken things into functioning things, planting gardens, nurturing seeds to become produce, or helping others be their best.

The potential for creation is present everywhere and in every context. The art of well-being is lining yourself up with your ideal version of it—in other words—attuning to the creative call of your soul. When we honor our heart’s desires, we come alive with joy, vitality and fulfillment. We raise our vibration in the process of manifesting something from nothing and sharing that goodness with others. That is alchemy of the highest kind.

You may or may not see it yet, but your essential nature is that of an Eminent Alchemist with manifesting power more vast than your mind can possibly imagine. We help you discover and live it fervently.

May we attune to the Infinite One we are in perfect unity, now and always.

Much Love ~ Korrine

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